Define Global Village Worker

Define a Global Village Worker (GVW)

The essence of our working lives in this new cyberspace world is changing at breakneck speed. With the advance of the Internet, and Internet connections invading every area of our private lives its dominance and effect on our well-being has been catapulted by the coronavirus epidemic.

Working from home (Global Village Worker – GVW) is now a very common experience. However, there are two categories of global village workers. (GVW)

Local-Global Village Worker (GVW)

Namely, the first category of GVW lives in proximity to where the company they are working for is situated. So their home working is interspaced with the occasional visit to the office or scheduled meeting.

Remote-Global Village Worker (GVW)

The true Global Village Worker (GVW) is remote working in every aspect of their interaction with the company or organisation that they are working for. In 2006 the technology for this type of worker, isolated global village workers (GVW), was already present. It all became possible because voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) became more attainable. So if someone called you or your company, there was no way they would actually know where you are situated when you answered the phone.

Today, (21 September 2020) as I write this article the GVW has been catapulted into the normal by the coronavirus. However, in most cases, all that has happened is that the bank administrative staff, accountant, the designer has moved from a central office to his home to do the work. So presently most of the GVW's are still of the first category mentioned above.

The future, however, is that the GVW will be recruited from different countries to work completely remotely. To the extent that the employer will never set eyes physically across a cup of coffee with their new worker. It is Global Village Worker's intention that we will do everything in our ability to facilitate this type of GVW. Although the isolated remote working GVW is our main focus it does not mean that we will not publish or use resources to assist the locally-based GVW.

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