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Central Operational Governance System

The GVW Cogs Systems is an invaluable tool designed primarily to improve the functionality and ability of operational staff to interact effectively with line management and senior management. Administrators and senior management staff are by nature, in this modern world, more apt at running internal administrative programs and software, often disjointed, in their daily work environment. However, lower line function operational staff in an effort to comply with the requirements of senior management do not have the right tools and abilities to fulfil the expectations of management.

In large diverse organisations, senior administrative staff will spread the communication process across many platforms thereby creating inherent accessibility problems for operational management and line staff in the lower reaches of an organisation. Cogs is designed specifically to function simply and easily at the outreaches of the organisation thereby simplifying up and down communication through the organisation.

Cogs is everything its name says "Central Operational Governance System" and management have a plethora of data and functionality within the system to ensure effective downward communication and employees at the lowest levels have easy and quick access to communicate with management above them. This record-keeping system, therefore, simplifies and brings everything to a central singular communication system that is recorded across the whole of the organisation.

Years of experience and development have gone into the Cogs system. It functions as an enhanced human resources platform, disciplinary action, training and training scheduling, certification monitoring and notification of renewal requirements and throughout maintains an accurate record of all documents exchanged on a singular filing system.

Cogs alleviates frustration and time wasted trying to maintain diverse systems across many platforms and bring all the functionality required for a modern paperless environment.

Cogs also takes the whole system to a new level with the mobile phone application that is available to employees where they can get notifications and interact with their requests directly with their management.
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