Business facing a growing skills gap.

The advantage of being GVW savvy means that you are not faced or exposed to a skills gap in your local market. Global village workers can fill many gaps as far as professional skills are concerned. Not only is it possible for you to be able to resource specific skills and professional areas but normally at a much more economically feasible level you can get workers that are able and much more competent at lower prices than you can resource them locally.

Because of the Internet and the growth of Internet access through mobile phones, chrome books, Windows based machines and various other digital marketing facilities you will always be able to find the best minds at the most economical price. As the internet spreads its tentacles across the face of the globe, and the speed of connections to the local community grows the global village workers is always going to be at an advantage.

The global village employer, GVW, is also way ahead of his competitors because he is able to get the best of the best for the most economical price. GVW’s are going to be the new workforce of the future.

London is in many ways the centre of the world and a meeting point between North South East and West. One of the really interesting statistics is that at any one moment during the day there are at least seven aeroplanes in the skies over London. This in itself brings it into a category of being a major hub not only for banking, travel and technology but it is a commercial machine that is hungry for brainpower.

The quickest cleanest and best way for that resource to be tapped into is to make use of the GVW (global village workers). Just recently the Evening Standard published an interesting article declaring that UK business is facing a growing skills gap. As breaks it over the next couple of years becomes a reality and the UK has cut its tethers with Europe and released itself from the harbour it will be sailing into a brave new world. No doubt, trying to curb the inflow pressure imposed on United Kingdom of immigrants trying to participate in the new growth of an amazing country and its capital.

The capital growth and future technological advancements are really dependent on technical and digital marketing for the global economy. The importance of the GVW (global village workers) ability to be part of the interactive growth of the future needs to be explored and utilised, embraced by the entrepreneurs and business owners of the future.


This article “Does UK business face a growing skills gap?” in the EveningStandard ; Connect here.


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